Tuesday, 6 June 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Groups and Teams

The Most famous tournament FIFA world cup 2018 will be organized by Russia. FIFA World cup is the largest tournament in the world after Olympic games. More than 100 million people will be part of this tournament. The biggest sport competition of the world may be at least another year away but here are the complete schedule, groups fixtures and stadiums, so read on.
FIFA World Cup will be started on 14 June 2018. First will be played between Russia and A2. Fifa world cup 2018’s final will be played on 15 July 2018. In Fifa world cup 2018 total 32 teams will be played. These teams are divided into 8 groups.Starting from the schedules, to which team will find it easy and qualify to the knockout stages and which teams will have make the most of their chances. Let us start with schedule guide released by FIFA. The kickoff time will be updated shortly. Here we provide complete schedule of Fifa world cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Groups and Teams

Group A
14/06/201816:00Russia- A2

15/06/201813:00A3- A4

19/06/201819:00Russia- A3

20/06/201816:00A4- A2

25/06/201815:00A4- Russia

15:00A2- A3

Group B
15/06/201816:00B3- B4

19:00B1- B2

20/06/201813:00B1- B3

19:00B4- B2

25/06/201819:00B2- B3

19:00B4- B1

Group C
16/06/201811:00C1- C2

17:00C3- C4

21/06/201813:00C1- C3

16:00C4- C2

26/06/201815:00C4- C1

15:00C2- C3

Group D
16/06/201814:00D1- D2

20:00D3- D4

21/06/201819:00D1- D3

22/06/201816:00D4- D2

26/06/201819:00D2- D3

19:00D4- D1

Group E
17/06/201813:00E3- E4

19:00E1- E2

22/06/201813:00E1- E3

19:00E4- E2

27/06/201819:00E4- E1

19:00E2- E3

Group F
17/06/201816:00F1- F2

18/06/201813:00F3- F4

23/06/201816:00F1- F3

19:00F4- F2

27/06/201815:00F2- F3

15:00F4- F1

Group G
18/06/201816:00G1- G2

19:00G3- G4

23/06/201813:00G1- G3

24/06/201813:00G4- G2

28/06/201819:00G4- G1

19:00G2- G3

Group H
19/06/201813:00H1- H2

16:00H3- H4

24/06/201816:00H4- H2

19:00H1- H3

28/06/201815:00H2- H3

15:00H4- H1

Round of 16
30/06/201815:00Sieger Gruppe C- Zweiter Gruppe D

19:00Sieger Gruppe A- Zweiter Gruppe B

01/07/201815:00Sieger Gruppe B- Zweiter Gruppe A

19:00Sieger Gruppe D- Zweiter Gruppe C

02/07/201815:00Sieger Gruppe E- Zweiter Gruppe F

19:00Sieger Gruppe G- Zweiter Gruppe H

03/07/201815:00Sieger Gruppe F- Zweiter Gruppe E

19:00Sieger Gruppe H- Zweiter Gruppe G

06/07/201815:00Sieger AF 1- Sieger AF 2

19:00Sieger AF 6- Sieger AF 5

07/07/201815:00Sieger AF 8- Sieger AF 7

19:00Sieger AF 3- Sieger AF 4

10/07/201819:00Sieger VF 2- Sieger VF 1

11/07/201819:00Sieger VF 4- Sieger VF 3

Third place
14/07/201815:00Verlierer HF 1- Verlierer HF 2